Wooo!! It’s already 2014 in my country (almost an hour) and my 3rd New Year in Tumblr. Happy New Year to all of you. May the best come to you this year.

[Insert confetti gif that I don’t have and I’m too lazy to search]

What a better way than starting my year than going to watch Frozen, which is premiering tomorrow here. Oh! And I just remembered that a night like this 10 years ago, I watched Digimon Frontier for the first time.

My 2013 by month

January: Tron: Uprising
February: The Big Four
March: A Very Potter Senior Year
April: Robin Hood
May: Grumpy Scar
June: Fairy Type
July: How to Train your Dragon
August: Neopets
September: Harry Potter
October: Battle of Gods
November: Peter Pan
December: Christmas

Congratulations animation fans for creating 3 well defined crossovers in 2013. May 2014 bring new creative ideas.

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they want [insert celebrity name here] for Christmas. But in order to that to happen, said person would have to be kidnapped, and isn’t that against the law? Besides, I just realized that there are thousands of people around the world that wish the same, so you can only have a little piece. What do you want? A strand of hair? A nail?

Can we agree that Dabura should be called Debora in the Other World?

[Warning: possible Battle of Gods spoilers]

The scene of the Great Saiyaman reminded me of the end of X-Men: First Class.

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I realized why Oscar kept calling the Good Witch “Wanda”. Because he is Cozmo.

National Day: Favorite Mexican

I’m so sorry

I’m so sorry