Everytime a Disney/Pixar movie gets a re-release or a sequel, our generation says “Step aside kids, we have been waiting 10 years for this”. I wonder if people did the same in 1990 with The Rescuers Down Under.

Y recuerda Sherman: pollito, chicken; repollo, rechicken — Mr. Peabody

This weekend I learned that the Easter date is set by the first full moon of spring/autumn. Is like a whole new dimension in the relationship between Bunnymund and Manny.

Friendly reminder that the Easter in which the events of the movie take place, is probably the most important one to Bunny, because hope was lost AND regained.

Wooo!! It’s already 2014 in my country (almost an hour) and my 3rd New Year in Tumblr. Happy New Year to all of you. May the best come to you this year.

[Insert confetti gif that I don’t have and I’m too lazy to search]

What a better way than starting my year than going to watch Frozen, which is premiering tomorrow here. Oh! And I just remembered that a night like this 10 years ago, I watched Digimon Frontier for the first time.

My 2013 by month

January: Tron: Uprising
February: The Big Four
March: A Very Potter Senior Year
April: Robin Hood
May: Grumpy Scar
June: Fairy Type
July: How to Train your Dragon
August: Neopets
September: Harry Potter
October: Battle of Gods
November: Peter Pan
December: Christmas

Congratulations animation fans for creating 3 well defined crossovers in 2013. May 2014 bring new creative ideas.

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they want [insert celebrity name here] for Christmas. But in order to that to happen, said person would have to be kidnapped, and isn’t that against the law? Besides, I just realized that there are thousands of people around the world that wish the same, so you can only have a little piece. What do you want? A strand of hair? A nail?

Can we agree that Dabura should be called Debora in the Other World?